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Musa Taj Abdul gang members released on bail

THREE more suspected armed robbers believed to be part of a gang that recently raided Mashwede Holdings and got away with over US$100 000, R42 000, $14 000 worth of fuel coupons, two firearms and 20 live rounds of ammunition were recently released from jail on bail pending appeal in separate incidents at the High Court.

The three, who operated with one of the most dangerous robbers in Zimbabwean history, including suspected gang leader — Musa Taj Abdul — were released after the State consented on the basis that some of their co-accused were out on bail. They are now on the run.

In March, the company lost the cash to five workers and these nine suspected robbers. The five workers and two of the armed robbers appeared in court following their arrest.

The gang allegedly destroyed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) to conceal the offence.

Among the alleged five workers were two brothers related to the complainant, while two were security guards.

The robbers who appeared in court are Conwell Kasambarare (28) and Musafare Mupamhanga and they were charged with armed robbery.

They were remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Kasambarare, Mupamhanga and their other accomplice Spicer Takawira then applied for bail which was granted between May and October.

Kasambarare was granted bail on May 26, while Takawira on August 19 this year.

Mupamhanga, who was released on bail after law officer identified as A. Bosha consented to bail on October 9, is now on the run.

He is facing several counts of armed robberies and was released on $2 000 bail when the State consented on the basis that some of his co-accused were out on bail.

As part of his bail conditions, he was supposed to reside at House number 6587 Budiriro 5B pending finalisation of his trial, to report once every week on Fridays at Budiriro Police Station and was also ordered not to interfere with state witnesses.

Mupamhanga was supposed to stand trial for his armed robbery charges on February 17 next year with co-accused Douglas Mutenda, Prince Makodza, Carrington Marasha, Liberty Mupanhanga, Godfrey Mupamhanga, and Spicer Takawira.

On January 21 , Mupamhanga was supposed to be tried at Harare magistrates’ court on other armed robbery charges with Eddison Mashamhanda, Spicer Takawira, Prince Makodza, Douglas Mutenda, Nevanji Madanhire, Christopher Mashamhanda and Dudzai Chidangwara.

He was also supposed to appear in court on December 30 for routine remand on similar charges with Musa Taj Abdul, Godfrey Mupanhanga, Spicer Takawira, Carrington Marasha, Benjamin Chitunhu and Conwell Kasambarare.

Mupamhanga was initially denied bail when he applied at the High Court on October 23 this year through his lawyers from Maposa and Ndomene Legal Practitioners.

The State opposed the application, arguing that they had a very strong case against him.

Barely six days later, after his bail application was dismissed at the High Court, Mupamhanga engaged a different lawyer from Zimudzi and associates and approached the same court.

The new lawyers made a fresh bail application arguing that his co-accused, Spicer Takawira and Conwell Kasambarare, had been granted bail.

He also argued that he had no pending cases as the State had alleged.

Bosha then consented to the application, saying, “The respondent (State) submits that the applicant’s co-accused persons were granted bail by this honourable court on similar facts and circumstances.

“Conwell Junior Kasambarare was granted bail by Honourable Justice Tsanga on 26 May 2020 under bail number B692/20 and Spicer Takawira was granted bail on 19 August 2020 by Honourable Justice Chinamhora under bail number B773/20. The respondent finds no basis of differentiating the applicant (Mupamhanga) with his co-accused persons who have been granted bail.”

On Saturday, suspected armed robber Douglas Mutenda, who skipped bail and had been on the run, appeared in court following his arrest in Mhondoro on Christmas eve.

Mutenda, who was released after law officer Mr Douglas Chesa consented to the granting of bail on December 8, failed to appear in court on December 17 and a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

Mutenda is facing several counts of armed robberies and was released on $5 000 bail on December 9 after the State consented on the basis that some of his co-accused, including Mupamhanga were out on bail. – Herald 🔺

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