Moana’s friend arrested for breaking into Amuli’s Domboshava home

A HARARE woman who is understood to have been friends with the late socialite Michelle “Moana” Amuli has been arrested after she knocked down the door to Ishmael Amuli’s home in Domboshava during a scuffle.

Amuli is the biological father to the late Moana, who passed away on 8 November in a horrific car crash and was buried some twenty days later.

The latest incident arose after Yolanda Kuvaoga, Moana’s mother, clashed with Amuli over the custody of the 7-year-old daughter Tyra that Moana left behind.

Lloyd Chipombo, father to Moana’s daughter, took the young kid to Amuli’s home in Domboshava so she could get used to staying there, it has emerged.

Moana’s ex-hubby Lloyd Chipombo with daughter Tyra

However, a delegation comprising of Kuvaoga’s relatives and colleagues went to Domboshava on Saturday morning and demanded that he hands over Moana’s daughter.

In the ensuing mêlée, Moana’s friend knocked down Amuli’s door and was arrested. The incident took place around 3am. She is expected in court today.

“There is a girl who claimed to be from the Daily News and she called claiming she had a hamper for my granddaughter,” Amuli narrated the incident leading to the scuffle.

“I asked why she would bring a hamper for such a young kid at such an odd hour. My wife advised me not to open the door for them as she suspected they were up to no good. A genuine visitor for my granddaughter would come during the day.

“We feared they wanted to kidnap the little girl and people would in turn accuse us of failing to protect the minor from harm. I then tried to engage them but realised they were violent.

“At that point, my wife dragged me back into the house and locked the door before hiding the keys. That is when this girl who claimed she was from the Daily News broke the door and stormed in.”

Amuli said Chipombo brought the 7-year-old to his Domboshava home so she could get used to both Domboshava and the Chipombo home in Kuwadzana.

“My son in law brought the young girl here. But these intruders accused me of kidnapping the kid.

“I have capacity to hit back, but I am a law-abiding citizen and will let the law take its full course.

“The heartbreaking part is that the little girl was now asking if her mom (Moana) had come to collect her,” said Amuli.

Defending her interestinterests in the matter, Kuvaoga said she had been staying with Moana’s kid for a while and deserves to continue doing so, arguing she had the kid’s best interests at heart.

“Moana trusted me with her daughter more than anyone else, and evidence to that effect is plenty in my phone. Even when she left to go and live in South Africa, she left her in my custody. I have messages, images and call records to confirm all that.

“Moana’s daughter only went to her father’s place during the funeral, but she is happy and comfortable with me. Even when she left me she was crying and didn’t want to go with her father.

“Instead of the father bringing her back to me after the funeral as we had agreed, he started dilly-dallying and later on told me he would bring her when she wanted to. I then learnt he had brought her to Domboshava.

“Why would he do that? What wrong has the child committed? When I went to Domboshava I found her sleeping by the door with a single sheet and not even a pillow. It’s hurtful.

“This is an innocent child they are treating like this. What wrong has she done? They must not be allowed to comtinue making her suffer.” ■

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