Journalist Charles Laiton dies aged 48

NewsDay senior court reporter Charles Laiton has died. 

He was 48.

Laiton passed on mid-morning at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he had been admitted. He was being treated for a kidney ailment.

His sister, Sophia Chalenga confirmed his death.

“He was not well after being diagnosed with a kidney ailment and we took him to Harare Hospital where he was admitted and discharged last week.  However, his health deteriorated again last Friday and he was admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital and was placed in a COVID-19 isolation ward.

“His COVID 19 results came out negative this morning and he was then transferred to another ward where he was supposed to get administered treatment for his ailment.  But he was in a very critical condition and sadly, he died at 11:00 am in the morning,” she said.

Chalenga said mourners are gathered at number 4001 Glen Norah A in Harare.

Alpha Media Holdings editor in chief Wisdom Mdzungairi described Laiton as very hard working and principled journalist.

“My heartfelt condolences go to the Laiton family on the death of our Senior Court Reporter Charles. He was a principled journalist who was always ready to mentor young and an authority in court reporting having worked in the justice system for some time. He joined NewsDay at its launch in 2010.

“He was among great journalists, very principled, very focused, a man of purpose. He never had time for gossip. He was a man who was very humble but very deep in thinking. A mentor to many journalists.

“If it wasn’t for the role he played when NewsDay launched in 2010 as our senior court reporter we would have gone into a number of challenges.

“I am saddened by his passing on at a critical time when the journalism profession has lost some leading lights in different areas. He was always available for any task and a natural leader.

“Charles will be sorely missed for his professionalism not only at AMH but the profession at large,” Mdzungairi said. – NewsDay

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