Rev Chivaviro and family bless Mutare man with wheelchair

MUTARE – Reverend Tagarepi Chivaviro and his family this week donated a wheelchair to a 38-year-old paraplegic who for many years had serious trouble moving around.

TellZim News reported on Bernard Mhlanga’s plight back in January, helping to raise awareness on the man who would often drag himself on his backside from Hobhouse high density suburb to the CBD where he begged for alms.

By then, Mlambo had to fend for his pregnant wife, who has since given birth, and three children.

Mlambo often sits on the pavement close to TM Pick n Pay supermarket in the CBD for the purposes of begging.

“I am pleased that my story has reached kind-hearted and generous people. I am pleased with this new wheelchair which will help to make my movements easier. If you are not mobile, your chances of putting food on the table are slim,” said a delighted Mlambo.

He said he hoped to get a better wheelchair in the future; one which is equipped with an electric mortar.

“That is my hope right  but for now I will make the best of what I have as I look forward to better things that I know will surely come. An automated wheelchair will remove the need to find somebody to push the wheelchair every time I want to move around,” said Mlambo.

In his remarks after making the donation, Chivaviro, who mobilised his Mutare prayer group to support the cause, said it was fulfilling for his family to be able to make a difference in such needy situations.

“Our local members as well as those in the diaspora made this possible. It is good to go beyond the usual speech and worship the Lord through deeds,” he said.

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