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Lusaka Mayor holds full stadium wedding: ‘I’m not going to wait until corona ends – my bride might run away!’

THE mayor of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, has stirred a bit of controversy by planning to hold his wedding in a stadium in the city while the coronavirus measures say weddings should be limited to 50 people.

The wedding is set for 26 December.

But Miles Sampa defended his decision on BBC Focus on Africa radio by saying that it wasn’t his choice but “the people of Lusaka told me that they wanted to attend the wedding”.

His said that a pre-wedding event at his home was mobbed by hundreds of people.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa

To avoid overcrowding, he has decided to hold the wedding ceremony and reception in the stadium the day after Christmas and let people in on a first-come-first-serve basis.

He added that coronavirus safety measures would be in place.

Answering criticism that he could delay the nuptials he said: “I’m not going to wait until corona disappears – my bride might run away!”

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa and his sweetheart who he fears might run away

Meanwhile, organizers of Sampa’s much anticipated wedding say safety and security measures will be top on the agenda of the planning process.

Organising Committee member Kelvin Kaunda says these elements will be necessary as the wedding will host thousands of people from Lusaka and surrounding areas including those in the diaspora at the Woodlands stadium.

Miles Sampa

Mr Kaunda says already planners are working with the public health department at the Lusaka City Council to ensure that covid-19 regulations are followed strictly.

ZNBC News has spoken to several Lusaka residents who are excited at the prospect of being guests at the wedding.

In a statement, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa publicly announced his desire to share his big day with citizens despite the eventuality of rains. – BBC / ZNBC ■

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