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VP Chiwenga’s new book receives ‘impressive’ reviews from academics

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga’s book was launched at State House in Harare this Wednesday.

 “Goose or Gander: The United Nations Security Council and the Ethic of Double Standards”, is an academic book by Vice President Chiwenga which chronicles how the United Nations Security Council led by Western countries abuses the veto power for self-serving interests.

Guest of Honour at the book launch, President Emmerson Mnangagwa applauded Vice President Chiwenga’s Pan-Africanism stance evident in the book.

The book we are launching epitomises the Vice President’s lifelong dedication and contribution to pan Africanism, our national revolutionary ideals and a fervent desire to see a world characterized by justice, equality and equity.

The challenges of entrenching these ideals are laid bare in this project, through his articulation and exposition of the ethical dilemma faced by the United Nations Security Council in dealing with peace, security, conflict prevention and resolution, said the President.

Chiwenga said the foiled attempt by the United States and Britain to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe using the United Nations motivated him to write the book.

 Issues to do with security have always been of interest to me. This book is the outcome of an academic journey. The foiled attempt by some western powers to intervene in the affairs of Zimbabwe motivated me to research and come up with this book.

I have attempted to provide a comprehensive account of Un security, he said.

President Mnangagwa holds the new book by his deputy Constantino Chiwenga

The book received impressive reviews from renowned academics including Dr Phyllis Johnson, Professor Ngwabi Bhebhe and Retired Lieutenant General, Dr Engelbert Rugeje.

Retired Lieutenant General, Dr Engelbert Rugeje:

The author exposes double standards of the UN Security Council and calls for its reform.

Prof Ngwabi Bhebhe:

Colonisation was not an act of civilisation nor was it any humanitarian act but was an act of brutality motivated by self-interest.  The moral integrity of the security council is greatly questionable. Former colonial powers should not be alone when mandated with the security of the world.

The academic piece is from Vice President Chiwenga’s PhD thesis with the University of KwaZulu Natal. ■

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