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DNA forensic results for murdered Tapiwa Makore released

DNA test results for the late Tapiwa Makore Junior who was killed in a suspected ritual murder in September this year have finally been released.

Some of the body parts like the left palm have came out positive while the results on the skull are yet to be released. However, a set of bones have been ruled out to be belonging to a human being.

The Makore family’s lawyer Tabitha Chikeya has confirmed the latest developments

Mrs Chikeya also pledged to work round the clock to ensure results of the outstanding body parts are released.

Makore family spokesperson, Mrs Beula Musupai said they will now proceed with the burial.

“We are now able to bury what we have for now. This is what we agreed as a family,” she said.

Tapiwa Makore, who was aged seven, was murdered in September this year with three suspects Tafadzwa Shamba, Tapiwa Makore senior and Maud Hunidzarira in remand prison waiting for trial.

The High Court is this Friday expected to deliver the bail ruling for the chief suspect, Thanks Makore. ■

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