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VP Chiwenga speaks on his new book and the 2017 army-led Mugabe ouster

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has penned a book which tackles a wide range of issues including world geopolitics like the dominance of World War II victors on the United Nations Security Council.

In the soon-to-be-published book, titled, “Goose or Gander – The United Nations Security Council and the Ethic of Double Standards”, VP Chiwenga is unequivocal in stating that the story of the 2017 military operation dubbed “Operation Restore Legacy” should be told by active participants and not those with a sinister agenda.

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) pulled out tanks and other military hardware on longtime ruler Robert Mugabe in November 2017. For days, Mugabe was pinned down at his Harare mansion while Zanu-PF and opposition MDC MPs sought to impeach him, leading to his resignation.

VP Chiwenga who then was the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, says even though all Zimbabweans participated in the removal of Mugabe and the subsequent rise to power of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, it was Zanu-PF which played the crucial role and not the military.

“There is a project on the compilation of what transpired… history will tell you exactly how that happened, but Parliament did its part, all the Zimbabweans were very cooperative, they played their role, but more importantly the ruling party was the entre pivot to see this New Dispensation in office,” he said.

With this contribution to the body of knowledge by one of Zimbabwe’s decorated state craft actors, the academia should be rejuvenated to generate knowledge that is relevant to the Zimbabwean context.

Africa is still not a permanent member of the UN Security Council despite the continent’s issues of peace and security dominating the agenda of the global political economy.

Chiwenga challenges the uneven order within the global system which on many instances has facilitated the structural marginalisation of the south.

“You will remember what happened in July 2008, when the United Nations Security Council proposed to have a resolution on Zimbabwe under Chapter 7, and we had not committed a crime, our crime was to take our land back. This is why over 50 000 perished. It was a national grievance.

“And when that land was now taken, we were to be caught on sanctions. But before that, you are aware of the major principle that every nation on this planet earth, joins the united nations, nut the underpinning principle is the issue of sovereignty, that big or small, you will remain a sovereign state. But in reality does this happen? It doesn’t.

“What actually rules the day are the interests of the victors of the World War,” explained the Vice President.

He said equality and democracy means the views of the most powerful and the weakest should all be counted in global politics. ■

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