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Smart ways to cut down on alcohol and keep things fun this Christmas

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  • Tip: Always take water and soft drinks throughout the day to avoid getting unnecessarily thirsty. Also avoid salty snacks that will make you more inclined to want to take a drink

You have probably been working on self-improvement and changing your lifestyle for the better but as the festive season begins, you are worried of what the season carries and you end up retracting to your drinking tendencies.

While having fun and socializing with friends is what the festive season is all about, it’s important to practice moderation. With the pandemic in play, you want to save all the money you can and stay safe from infection.

Since alcohol is the number one factor that may drive you into temptation this season, here are some ways you can cut down on your alcohol and still keep things fun:

  • Work with a budget

One of the main reasons you probable drink more than you should is because you don’t work with a budget.

You are probably out with friends and you want to be the Johnny Cash of the team and pay for all their rounds.

When you have an amount set aside, it helps to guide you on how far you can go as far as the drinking spree is concerned. Also when going out with friends, avoid carrying extra cash that you can easily swap for other drinks.

  • Learn to say no

Thanks to the pandemic, you can finally have a valid reason to decline those numerous invites. While socializing and meeting up friends is one of the best things to look forward to over the holidays, it also comes at a price.

Avail yourself for meet ups you are less likely to be influenced easily into spending cash unnecessarily or drinking excessively.

  • Drink at home

It would probably be prudent for you to stay at home this season and avoid contracting Covid-19. While drinking alone or with a few friends may seem boring, it may reduce your chances of getting totally wasted.

It may also increase your bond with your friends, since you will have more intimate and candid conversations without outside destructions like loud music or annoying strangers.

  • Buy low alcohol content alternatives

Instead of going for stronger brands like vodka and whiskies, you can go for drinks with low alcohol content like beer and wine. It may not be your usual style but at least it will be a start to cutting down on alcohol.

Also, ensure to drink on a full stomach so it can slow down on the absorption of alcohol. When you drink on an empty stomach you are likely to get wasted faster, every day.

  • Keep yourself busy

Another reason why you could be taking so much alcohol is the lack of a plan. You spend a lot of time idling and you probably have a lot of energy reserves ready to go.

You can always make plans with your friends to go for hikes, swimming or zip lining, anything to use up all that idle energy.

You can also take part in family activities like game nights or prepping and cooking main course meals. You are less likely to drink when you are already exhausted from the activities of the day. ■

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