How an 18-year-old Buhera boy brutally murdered 3 senior citizens in revenge

THE death of a loved one is difficult for everyone, children included.

This is the case for seven-year-old Anesu Matsikasimbi who witnessed the harrowing murder of her maternal grandparents and aunt last Thursday night.

From the age of one, life has never been a bed of roses for the Grade One pupil as she lost her mother at that tender age.

She had to move to the Muchini area of Buhera South to stay with her now late grandparents, Sekuru Elias Tafa Chitsanza (86), Gogo Elina Chitsanza nee Hlabati (80) and her Aunt Milia Chinotimba (74). The three were relatives of Zanu-PF Buhera South MP, Joseph Chinotimba.

Last Thursday will remain etched in the young girl’s memory for a long time as it exposed her to a situation that can turn Hollywood horror movie script writers green with envy.

What the girl was subjected to is not for the faint-hearted.

Even the brave ones would have their hearts skipping a bit.

The main actor of the Buhera horror movie is a 18-year-old Grade Seven school drop-out, Energy Chipinda, who gruesomely murdered the three senior citizens in a revenge murder case that has left those who had a glimpse of the victims’ images weak-kneed.

According to information gathered by The Manica Post, Chipinda was a year old when his father died, but 17 years later, he stands accused of scripting one of the worst revenge acts in the country as he believed that Sekuru Chitsanza killed his father.

To many villagers, the death of Chipinda’s father was long forgotten, but he (Chipinda) always harboured thoughts of getting back at the alleged killer.

Therefore Sekuru Chitsanza, Gogo Chitsanza and Aunt Milia had painful deaths at the hands of Chipinda who according to witnesses showed little remorse for his action.

While the three senior citizens are resting a stone’s throw away from the scene of their execution, their death will forever haunt young Anesu.

Deep emotional scars are evident from the moment the young girl opens her mouth to narrate the events of the ‘dark Thursday’.

When The Manica Post sat down with her for a brief chat on Monday at the Chitsanza homestead, Anesu was struggling to speak as emotions engulfed her. Her voice went faint as the interview progressed.

Her two aunts held her hands as agony and despair were written all over the young girl’s face.

“I was sleeping in the kitchen hut with Aunt Milia. I was awakened by her cry for help and that is when I saw Energy brandishing a burning firewood log. He was attacking aunty with it. The ambers that fell from the log burnt aunty on the face. He also used his fists to attack her. She managed to escape from the kitchen hut and tried to run away.

“Moments later, Energy stormed into Sekuru’s bedroom and dragged him outside. He attacked him with the same log before crashing his head with a boulder. He proceeded to Gogo’s bedroom and attacked her,” she said.

Young Anesu braved the midnight darkness and ran for about 200 metres to get to the nearest homestead to call for help.

“I ran to Gogo Mai Levi’s homestead to look for help. It was dark but I was not afraid. I knocked at their door while crying for help. They took time to come out but I continued knocking until Sekuru (Phineas Chikomba) came out. I told him that Energy was crashing my grandparents’ head with boulders. Gogo Mai Levi took me inside while Sekuru took the other neighbours to attend the scene,” she said.

Anesu’s aunt, Evelyn Chitsanza, said the young girl has been having nightmares since last Friday.

“We feel for this child. What she went through is very hard to fathom. This will haunt her for the rest of her life. We are working on modalities to have her relocate to a new home under the custody of one of our sisters. We will also ensure that she gets the necessary counselling,” she said.

Chikomba said he was shocked by Anesu’s act of bravery.

“If it wasn’t for her, we would not have known this was happening at the Chitsanza homestead. When the three were murdered, we never heard any cries for help. We only reacted after Anesu came running. We hope God will help her recover from this trauma.” – Manica Post ■

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