Mwonzora expels a councillor by mistake

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has said that MDC Alliance Masvingo Urban Ward 3 councillor Tarusenga Vhembo was expelled from the party by mistake.

Vhembo is among three other MDC Alliance councillors from Masvingo Urban whose seats have since been declared vacant.

In a letter dated December 4 addressed to acting City of Masvingo Town Clerk Edward Mukaratirwa, Moyo declared vacant Wards 3, 4, 5 and 7 led by Vhembo, Godfrey Kurauone, Daniel Mberikunashe and Richard Musekiwa respectively.

Mukaratirwa told TellZim News that he was out of office and could not give an official comment.

Mwonzora told TellZim News that Mberikunashe, Kurauone and Musekiwa deserved to be expelled but the name of Vhembo appeared on the list by mistake.

“The expulsions were effected on September 30. A number of councillors across various municipalities have been expelled. The recent letters from the ministry of Local government are just confirmation of the expulsions.

“It is unfortunate that Vhembo made the list. It was an error. Vhembo was not supposed to be there. It was a mistake,” said Mwonzora.

Mberikunashe, however, said that they have since received the letter from Mukaratirwa informing them of their fate.

“The Town Clerk forwarded the letter to us and I tell you I feel a huge relief. It was only a matter of time and Mwonzora was taking too long.

“If he had not expelled us people would have thought that we were with them. We are fully behind our president Nelson Chamisa and no amount of intimidation can ever move us,” said Mberikunashe.

Though it remains unclear whether the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) would be able to conduct by-elections next owing to financial constraints, Mberikunashe believes that the electorate would vote them back into office again.

“We are confident that the will of the people will never be subverted. We will be voted back again much to the dislike of the enemy,” said Mberikunashe.

Mwonzora has spared City of Masvingo Mayor and Ward 2 councillor Collen Maboke, Ward 1 councillor Selina Maridza and Ward 9 councillor Babylon Beta.

It remains unclear whether or not these three have crossed the floor to join the Khupe camp.

Chamisa had been fighting with Maboke, who assumed the mayoral post against the party’s directive which had opted for Kurauone. – TellZim

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