Zanu-PF supporters manhandle journalist, confiscate phone

By MISA Zimbabwe

NewsDay correspondent Kenneth Nyangani was on 8 December 2020 reportedly manhandled at the Zanu PF provincial headquarters in the eastern border town of Mutare while covering demonstrations by some disgruntled party supporters.

The Zanu PF supporters were reportedly demonstrating over the handling of the party’s district co-ordinating committee (DCC) elections.

His phone was briefly confiscated and the battery removed. Nyangani, was, however, rescued by other party supporters, resulting in his phone being returned to him.

Nyangani confirmed the incident: “While I was covering the event, they took my phone and asked me to delete pictures. They then took away the phone saying they wanted to make sure the pictures are deleted. They removed the phone battery,” he said

MISA Zimbabwe Position

Journalists have a right to do their work as guaranteed by the constitution and without any unlawful hindrances.

MISA Zimbabwe, therefore, urges political parties to educate their supporters on media rights as provided for in the Constitution.

Journalists should also exercise extreme caution when covering potentially hostile situations for their own safety and security. ■

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