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Victoria Falls officially proclaimed a city

PRESIDENT Emerson Mnangagwa has proclaimed Victoria Falls a city paving way for the official conferment at the resort town tomorrow.

The President made the proclamation this morning through Statutory Instrument 285 of 2020, which in terms of the Urban Council Act, upgrades the Victoria Falls Municipality into a city starting today.

“Whereas in terms of Section 141 of the Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15 it is provided that a Growth Point, unincorporated urban area, local board or council may apply to the Minister in the form and manner prescribed for a change of its status.

“Whereas by section 14(2) of the said Act the Minister took necessary steps under the Act to effect the changes applied for and whereas Section 5 and 6 of the said Act have been complied with, and I consider it desirable to make this proclamation, now therefore under and by virtue of powers vested in the President, I do by this my proclamation alter the name Victoria Falls Municipality to Victoria Falls City and assign the name Victoria Falls to City Council,” read part of the SI.

It is also accompanied by SI 286 of 2020, which directs that all by-laws, regulations, rules or orders existing in respect of the municipality shall remain in force.

This means that management including Town Clerk and Mayor and Deputy Mayor remain unchanged in the new city set-up. This also applies to the existing voters’ roll and ward demarcations. ■

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