All vehicles imported from Japan to pay radiation testing fee

ZIMBABWE Government has advised that all vehicles which are being imported from countries that experienced nuclear incidents now have to be inspected and decontaminated for a fee.

Read below the notice by the Chief Executive Officer of the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe:


Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe wishes to Inform you that it is now a requirement in terms of Statutory Instrument 281 of 2020 titled Radiation Protection (Safety and Security of Radiation Sources) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 5), that all vehicles being imported into Zimbabwe from countries that experienced Nuclear Incidents (Japan) be inspected for radiation contamination with Immediate effect. The contamination inspector fees are as follows;

Description: (a) light motor vehicle and minibuses. – Contamination Inspection per vehicle: (USD)10. De-contamination per vehicle: (USD)50

Description: (b) buses, heavy vehicles, haulage trucks and trailers. – Contamination Inspection per vehicle: (USD)20. De-contamination per vehicle: (USD)100

For your convenience, we recommend that you make use of the prepayment facility to pay for your radiation assessment clearance into the Authority’s FCA Account provided below and present and/or forward proof of payment to accounts@rpaz.ca.zw.

Account name: Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe Account Number (FCA): 01122628550035 Bank: CBZ Branch: Kwame Nkrumah ■

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