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Zanu-PF DCC elections hit by lack of interest from women

ACTING Zanu PF spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa has said few women had submitted CVs for posts in the ongoing District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections.

In the DCC elections, positions up for grabs include Secretary for Legal Affairs, Gender and Culture, Education, Information and Publicity, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment among others.

The ruling party suspended the elections for position of Secretary of the Veterans of the liberation struggle as it is still in process of coming up with structures at district level.

Other positions not being voted for are Secretary for Youth and Secretary for Women Affairs.

Chinamasa said the ruling party was worried about the low numbers and urged women to contest the elections.

Meanwhile, Chinamasa also said the DCC elections had spilled into yesterday because of logistic problems following heavy rains across the country.

Addressing a Press conference in Gweru at the weekend, Zanu-PF secretary for the women’s league in the Politburo, Mabel Chinomona, said women have continued to confine themselves to the periphery in the party while men continue to occupy influential positions.

“There is a tendency to believe that the chairmanship position is for men and what is painful is that women have accepted this,” she said.

Chinomona said it was high time women take up influential positions and take the lead.

“There is fear among women to contest their male counterparts for positions in the party and what has worsened the situation is that most women lack resources to campaign. Women should take up positions not just in the party but also in different sectors of the economy like mining and agriculture,” she said.

“President Mnangagwa is pro women empowerment and it’s unfortunate that women are not voting for other women despite constituting 52 percent of the population.

“We will continue to engage women at workshops to encourage them to be active and contest positions in the party and the economy,” she said.

Chinomona also urged women to venture into businesses in order to empower themselves and stop depending on men for livelihoods. ■

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