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High drama as Passion Java unleashes vulgar on Hopewell Chin’ono

By Andrew Murenha

PRO-MDC Alliance activist Hopewell Chin’ono had more than what he had bargained for when self-styled prophet Passion Java hit back at the award-winning journalist with a vulgar diatribe.

In what has become typical of Chin’ono, he started the social media war with the controversial Java when he suggested that present-day youths were “useless”, “illiterate” and “ignorant” as they wasted large amounts of time following “false prophets” on social media.

“I spent a day of engagement with youths on social media. We have an illiterate and broken society!” Chin’ono started.

“Activists don’t seek validation, and they don’t need to convince a hungry man to know that the ZANU-PF elites are Belly Full and the youths are Hungry.

“Democracy is about choices and also it allows us to critique those choices! When you say #FreeHopewell when I am wrongly jailed, you are not doing me a favor, you are fighting for your own rights which I happen to accentuate using my professional voice!

“I am not a politician who is looking for votes who will come to you and massage and stroke your egos!

“I am a citizen who knows what the constitution says, and is fighting for those rights to be asserted!

“Failure to understand that is the height of grand ignorance! #OpenYourEyes,” Chin’ono wrote on social media.

He went further to castigate the youths who he said lacked “political consciousness” as “comedian prophets” like Java had far too many followers on social media than political activists who were fighting to fix the country.

Chin’ono also appeared at pains over the fact that youths of the modern era buy Internet data to share “Java’s nonsense” while not using the Internet to enhance their livelihoods.

Java unleashes the “113010” code in response to Hopewell Chin’ono

In response, Java did not go for more than two words. He unleashed a “113010” code on Chin’ono, which in old school was a Shona code-word for penis.

While some thought Chin’ono had a point, others said he got what was commensurate considering that he had made a blanket attack on youths who not all were as he described.

Top blogger Tanyanyiwa Mugwinji said: “Hopewell blocked me in 2018 towards the elections when I called him out. He was busy decampaigning the MDC Alliance and today he wants to pretend like he hates Zanu-PF so much.

“He must tell us what happened in between 2018 and now. Joining people with their own private agendas ndezvekupenga izvo.

Mlungisi Dube said Chin’ono must stop the tendency to call everyone who disagreed with him as “lacking critical thinking”.

“The democracy that Chin’ono says he is fighting for entails that he respects divergent views, including respecting those people who do not hold any views at all regarding politics.”

Ntando Gumbo, responding to Chin’ono, said: “As a journalist you should know “wording” is of importance when you driving a point home… When you throw in words like ‘useless’ then expect whatever you receiving Daddy Hope.

“Let’s be ‘sensitive’. In Zimbabwe people are emotional and don’t start (an unwinnable fight) by “collectively” attacking people.”

Chin’ono replied with a video clip of Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo. When it was put across to Chin’ono that Mapfumo tribally sang against Joshua Nkomo in his song “Aruza, aruza” when Robert Mugabe “stole” elections, Chin’ono responded by immediately blocking the critic.

Others felt Chin’ono had a “beef” with Java because the self-styled prophet drew huge crowds when he landed in Zimbabwe two weeks ago for the funeral of socialite Genius Kadungure. Chin’ono also appeared stung at the fact that youths followed Ginimbi’s dead body in a hearse on the streets while he (Chin’ono) was languishing and forgotten in remand prison, others said.

Chin’ono is also known for angrily bashing those who differ with him on social media and blocking those who raise alternative views. – Zimbabwe Voice

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