Boycott Ishan! Half-backed apology on tribalism not accepted

By Zimbabwe Voice reporter

Kure hitmaker  Ishan (real name Isheanesu Chigagura) is on the verge of losing followers after he made tribalistic and insensitive remarks on radio.

Ishan described his performance at NUST (National University of Science and Technology) as one of his craziest moments citing he thought Ndebeles would go violently wild on him.

Ishan said he thought Ndebeles would stone him with cans as he was told that Ndebele people don’t like Shona music and only listened to house music. 

Social media came out gunz blazing at the musician some calling for his head to be served on a silva plata. 

Backlash from the people sent shivers down his spine and he later sent out an apology which some of his followers felt it was ‘half barked’ and he shouldn’t get away with a mere apology.

“I would like to express my greatest apology to everyone who was offended by my comments earlier on. By no means did I mean to destroy part of a fabric of who we are as a people.

“Understanding this I wouldn’t like anyone to go through another ‘Ishan moment’ like what happened today.

“Therefore for the purpose of now and the future I am more than willing to sit down and I am more than willing to sit down and have more dialogues around  such issue,” he said.

Genuine or not, Ishan’s apology was received with mixed feelings as some opted he be muted from airplay for a while. 

“We can’t accept your apology just like that, you need to be silenced from Radio until you learn your lesson,” commented  Calvin Ndlovu.

“So you expect us to just forgive and move on just like that, a good form of punishment must be issued to trabalists like you,” said Melda Siziba in the comments section.

“We need to boycott his music if it was in another country his music would have been taken down on all platforms like they did with R Kelly,” Tafadzwa said. – Zimbabwe Voice

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