Govt hikes producer prices for maize, soya bean

GOVERNMENT has raised the pre-planting producer price for maize, soya bean and traditional grains following a Cabinet resolution this Tuesday.

In an interview with ZBC News in Mutare, Grain Marketing Board CEO Mr Rockie Mutenha highlighted that the announcement is aimed at helping farmers to make informed decisions with regards to the planting season.

The new producer price for maize is now ZW$32,000 (thirty-two thousand dollars)
per tonne up from ZW$21,000 (twenty-one thousand) per tonne.

The new price for traditional grains increased from ZW$21,300 (twenty-one thousand three hundred) to ZW$38,000 (thirty eighty thousand dollars) per tonne.

The pre-planting producer price for soya beans is now pegged at ZW$48,000 (forty-eight thousand) per tonne. ■

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