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Zimbabwe re-opens borders to the public

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  • The country's borders have been closed to the general public since the national lockdown restrictions were announced on 31st March.

ZIMBABWE has from today, the 1st of December, opened its land borders with the Victoria Falls border post which is a gateway to the country’s tourism capital among the land borders that have reopened for private passenger vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Authorities at this border post say they have done the necessary homework and all is in place for the much-anticipated reopening of the border post.

“In terms of operations at Victoria Falls border post we are ready to open tomorrow and what will happen is that we will follow the normal Covid-19 protocols, that means, the Ministry of Health and Child Care will be guiding us in terms of Covid-19 requirements,” said Regional Immigration Officer Mr Vincent Mukombero.

“We are ready for our visitors to come through our borders. We are anticipating a marginal increase in the number of travellers coming through the borders. We have set up port health stations and are now able to test for Covid-19 locally.”

Hwange District Medical Officer, Dr Fungai Mvura highlighted that so much work has been done to strengthen the COVID-19 response and port health activities adding that he is convinced that all is in place for the reopening of the border post.

With many countries across the globe grappling with the second wave of Covid-9 infections responsible authorities say they will ensure that visitors’ safety and public health is prioritised.

After being endorsed as the safest destination to visit post-Covid-19 by a leading US travel agency, Zimbabwe has put in place measures to ensure that it maintains the safest destination status.

The Chirundu one-stop border post which links the northern and southern corridors is ready for reopening to the travelling public this Tuesday about 8 months after its closure due to COVID-19.

Immigration department’s Northern Region Manager, Mr Joshua Chibundu said the department is ready in anticipation of high volumes of cross border traders.

He, however, expressed optimism that the volume of human traffic may be subdued as buses have not yet been given the green light.

Mr Chibundu said the border will operate as per government gazetted times from 6 AM to 6 PM for travellers, with a waiver only applicable to haulage trucks, which will be cleared anytime. ■

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