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Six reasons why women fake orgasms

By Esther Muchene

THIS is one interesting discussion. I’ll tell you that for free. Why do women feel the need to fake an orgasm and is it ever that serious?

Well, there are a number of reasons why women fake orgasms and some can be justified to some extent.

However, guys just don’t get it and actually get so offended when you fake an orgasm. But a number of researches have shown that women do this primarily because of their caring instinct.

Sex is all fun and games until you have to prove you are enjoying it by faking an orgasm. And if a guy finds out that you have been faking it, they feel cheated. But the truth is 99% of the reason we do it is because we want to make them happy.

Here are some reasons why women fake orgasms.

  • They are protecting their partner’s ego

Most men get their ego from performing in bed and telling them that they don’t make you climax can be damaging to their fragile egos. And how selfless of a woman to undermine her satisfaction just to please her partner.

  • This can be difficult to talk about

Most women find it hard to talk about their performance in bed. And sometimes the partners might not be so approachable in matters sex.

99% of the reason women do it is because we want to make them happy (Photo: Shutterstock)

The society has really undermined the woman’s sexual needs and has made it look like sex is purely for the man’s satisfaction and it’s only the man who can demand or ask for their pleasures to be met.

  • Sometimes we are just not into it

We have all had those moments where our partner just wants to have sex but we are really not into it but we end up giving in anyway. And because so much of how we enjoy sex is controlled by our minds we just have to fake it until he is done.

We wouldn’t want to make our partner feel like we don’t enjoy the love making session.

  • We place more value on the man’s satisfaction

Due to various myths and constraints the society has set, sex is majorly seen as a way to pleasure the man solely. So, for the women they became objectified and they focus more on pleasuring the man more than them receiving pleasure. And because our minds are very important in making us orgasm, we just tend to fake the orgasm in order to please the man.

  • We assume we are being judged

It’s so hard for a woman to be able to say what we want in bed. The worst thing is that men think we all get aroused by the same things but the truth is, this varies from woman to woman. We all have different stimulants.

Sometimes the woman isn’t in the mood but she doesn’t want to disappoint her partner (Photo: Shutterstock)

Also imagine telling our man that how they have been touching or kissing you doesn’t arouse us and asking them to do it differently. Well, some men will be open to the idea while others will feel degraded. Handle it with care and wisdom.

  • The man’s expectation

Due to influences such as pornography we almost have to fake an orgasm. Our partners sometimes expect us to perform in bed just like a porn star and think reaching an orgasm is as simple as they see in porn. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If your guy likes watching porn more often than not, you are forced to fake an orgasm because unless you have one they might not feel satisfied. – Eve

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