Finally, Moana unites parents as she is buried with no drama

By Zimbabwe Voice reporters

THERE was virtually no drama when the remains of the late socialite Michelle “Moana” Amuli were finally laid to rest at Warren Hills cemetery in Harare this Saturday afternoon.

This was in sharp contrast to the two weeks filled with drama that gripped the funeral of the late fitness trainer who perished in a violent road accident on 8th November while coming from a night of partying in celebration of her 26th birthday.

When her mother Yolanda Kuvaoga took to the High Court to demand that she be buried the non-Moslem way at Zororo Cemetery along Seke Road near Chitungwiza, the biological father, Ishmael Amuli, challenged and won the case in a judgement delivered by Justice Pisirayi Kwenda this Friday.

Mourners follow proceedings at the burial of Michelle “Moana” Amuli

Today, her burial appeared to finally close the ranks between her mother and father who have been estranged since before she was born 26 years ago. Some said in death, Moana has finally managed to unite her paternal and maternal families.

Below are some reactions by Zimbabweans as the late video vixen has finally been laid to rest the Islamic way:

“In the end, the burial was simple and dignified and the warring parents, ferociously divided in grief, were finally united in the simple act of mourning their daughter, Moana Amuli, Mishy, whose life was all too brief and eventful but who, in the end, taught us many lessons. RIP.” – author and international lawyer Petina Gappah

“Shame! Moana moms speech asked for forgiveness on behalf of her daughter….. nzira yeupenyu yayosarudza yakakosha please if we can’t see God in all this dont know how else you want to see him to repent whilst alive” – Lee Ann Bernard, news anchor at ZBC TV News

“Go well Michelle “Amuli” Moana. The End.” – Josey Mahachi, journalist at DW, Germany

“Was Moana a celebrity, would anyone have noticed her walking down the streets. I seek an honest answer cause I only knew her when she died in a horrific accident. She needs rest not celebration” – Blessed Mhlanga, journalist with Alpha Media Holdings.

Moana left behind a daughter Tyra, aged seven. – Zimbabwe Voice

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