We’ll take Moana to our mosque in Belvedere and bury her: Father

THE tug-of-war between the maternal and paternal relatives of the late socialite Michelle Moana Amuli continued yesterday with her father vanishing with the burial order leaving the other relatives stranded at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Police had to Mr Ishamel Amuli to come to an agreement with Moana’s maternal relatives but this too did not ensure that her burial planned for yesterday take place.

Initial indications that Moana’s remains would be interred at Zororo Cemetery along Seke Road. People who were gathered outside Doves yesterday to bid farewell to Moana ended up leaving the funeral parlour after they waited for her remains from morning to midday.

Moana’s maternal uncle Mr Austin Chimedza said his niece’s burial might take longer than expected as the Amuli family had vanished with the burial order at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“We now do not have any burial arrangements because we wanted the body to be taken to Doves but the Amuli family disappeared with the burial order.

“We had come to a truce and everything was in order and we thought the burial was going to take place today (yesterday).

“We are now waiting for him (Moana’s father) to come back to us and tell us the day of burial, but we are not burying her tomorrow. We are waiting to come to another arrangement with the Amuli family,” he said.

When he went back to Parirenyatwa for talks with his in-laws following the intervention of the police, he found them gone.

“The Dongos have not called us. We are at Parirenyatwa. They are the ones who are causing problems despite playing no part in raising this child.

“If they do not pitch up, tomorrow we take our daughter and go with her straight to our mosque in Belvedere and bury her,” said Mr. Amuli, who is a Moslem.

Mr. Amuli indicated last week that he was estranged from his daughter because he was not happy with her lifestyle choices of partying and featuring in showbiz videos.

“In 2017, Michelle had problems with her husband, who came to drop their child in Domboshava. Mitchelle later came to pick her daughter and I sat down with her, telling her that I wasn’t happy with her behaviour.

“I heard a lot about my daughter that she had become a party animal and was featured in several music videos. I got angry and slapped her twice and she left home for good.

“Last year I saw her, but we never talked much. I am a Muslim and what she was doing was against our religion. Now how do I tell my elders at church and how will she be buried?

“We are now at her mother’s house in Highfield because I did not fully pay lobola for her mother. I still owe in-laws, but that is a story for another day,” he said after the tragic accident.

“I quit my job to look after my children. I had five children and Michelle was the second born and only girl. She had a daughter named Tyra. I stay in Domboshava in Chirombo Village. I used to hear some neighbours telling me that my daughter was at Ginimbi’s house.

Michelle, who was 26, died in a horrific accident that also claimed the lives of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Malawian businessman Limumba Karim and Mozambican model Alichia Adams early in the morning of 8 November.

They were all coming from Moana’s 26th birthday party at Ginimbi’s Club Dreams

The three were burnt beyond recognition after the doors of the Rolls-Royce Wraith they were travelling in, jammed on impact. It took many hours for police and the Fire Brigade to retrieve their remains from the wreckage. ■

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