‘Help me live’ – Cancer patient Sihle Mkondo seeks US$11,000 for surgery

Ms Sihle Mkondo (52) , a mother of three, is appealing for US$11 000 for surgery, anaesthetist and hospital stay fees, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of metastatic breast cancer in 2017, with a recent scan revealing that she has damaged her spine. Metastatic breast cancer is a sub type of the disease that spreads from its site of origin to another part of the body.

Mkondo was told she only had few months to live after doctors discovered that her breast cancer was aggressive.

The 52-year-old did not, however, take death as an option. Sihle has not only been drained physically, emotionally and financially, she is appealing for help to raise the funds required for surgery.

“Doctors say this fusion surgery is urgent, noting that I cannot have chemotherapy until this procedure is done,” she said.

Mkondo adds that Covid-19 brought with it unprecedented challenges not only for her, but for every cancer patient.

She believes while the pandemic wreaked havoc as the world went into total lockdown, cancer also progressed.

“Covid-19 brought so much pain. I believe most patients lost the battle during the enforced Covid-19 restrictions.

“I could not go for my regular check-ups due to lockdown despite being in Harare. Since the onset of the first lockdown in Zimbabwe, I could not get any medical check-ups.

“Imagine if this happened to me while I was in the capital, what of someone in places like Gokwe or Mberengwa who also needed to travel to Harare but could not because of lockdown.

“My treatment requires a lot of money that I do not have. I want to live and take cancer head-on. I can only do this through your support. Help me live,” she said.

To support Sihle, contributions can be sent through the following channels, Account number: 2000932317 Steward Bank (Mazvita Mkondo) or EcoCash 0783 083 200.

People can also access the Gofundme link:

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