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Madzibaba Simba jailed 15 years for rape

A Chitungwiza self-styled prophet 24-year-old Madzibaba Simba has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for raping a 23-year-old client.

Madzibaba Simba, real name Simbarashe Mutsindiri, will serve 12 years effective after three years were suspended by magistrate Morgan Nemadire on condition of good behaviour.

It was the State’s case that on the 22nd of September 2020 at around 1300hrs, Madzibaba Simba was at the complainant’s place of residence with the intention to help her with prayers as she was facing problems in her life.

Madzibaba Simba sat on the complainant’s bed where the complainant was seated and sat very close to her.

Madzibaba Simba proposed love to the complainant and she turned him down. He then kissed the complainant and forced her to lie on the bed.

The complainant screamed as Madzibaba Simba tore the her skirt. Madzibaba Simba raped the complainant.

In his defence, Simbarashe said they were in love.

“I did not rape this woman but we were in love,” said Madzibaba Simba. “She received a phone call from one of my sisters and she thought she was my wife and that did not go well with her leading to these false allegations.

“She attracted me on her first visit on the 2nd of September at the shrine when I proposed love to her.

“She only accepted my love proposal on the 19th of September two days before she lodged a complaint with the police against me.

“She  assumed I wanted to dump her soon after having sexual intercourse with her when she received a call from my sister,” he said.

The court found him guilty on overwhelming evidence.

Madzibaba Simba was leading two shrines, one in Chitungwiza and another in Kuwadzana.

Trinity Nyandebvu represented the State. ■

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