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15 ‘scientific’ beliefs from the past (that were embarrassingly wrong)

NOW, you might say that it’s wrong to make fun of what people used to believe before Steve Jobs invented science in his garage. And we agree! Yes, it is wrong — but it’s also outrageously funny.

C’mon, have you seen all the crap your ancestors came up with? They were pretty much asking us to laugh at them!

And hey, it’s not like your great-great-grandchildren won’t have a chuckle at your stupid ideas one day, right?

Source: Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris
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Source: Wired
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More: 6 Extremely Wrong (But Hilarious) Scientific Beliefs
Source: ScienceDirect
Source: Atlas Obscura
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Source: Natural History, by Pliny the Elder
Source: Big Think
Source: Popular Mechanics
Source: Wired
Source: Futurism

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