Ginimbi’s ex-lover Zodwa speaks about her heartbreak and the mansion

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  • "Genius was a player and he would make you believe you are the only one," said Zodwa.

ZODWA Mkandla was part owner of the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s sprawling Domboshava mansion right from the beginning when it was being built when the two were still in love, the flamboyant businesswoman has revealed, adding that Ginimbi was a cheat when it came to matters of love.

Ginimbi, who was 36 died last Sunday after his Rolls-Royce collided with a Honda Fit while on his way to Domboshava after a night of partying at his Dreams night club in Harare.

He died together with Malawian Limumba Karim, socialite Mitchel “Moana” Amuli and Alichia Adams from Mozambique.

Speaking at the burial at the mansion on Saturday, Zodwa confirmed that the mansion, which can easily get a slot on MTV crib even though it lies in the rural land of Chief Chinhamora in Nyamande Village, involved her input right from the beginning.

However, Ginimbi was to finish it up later including electrifying the place long after the trendy couple has gone separate ways after Zodwa suffered a heartbreak.

“To me Genius was a good friend,” Zodwa confessed. “I met him in 2009 at the airport and the second time I met him and he was wearing big shirts those days.

“He was driving a Mercedes-Benz S-class. Genius was a player and he would make you believe you are the only one,” said Zodwa, hinting on her heartbreak.

She then proceeded to heap praise on the departed party animal, saying everyone loved Ginimbi as testified by the multitudes that came to mourn him throughout the whole week.

Zodwa and Ginimbi during their happy days

“Genius was a character, I have never met anyone like him. When he loved, he loved and when he played, he played hard. I did not realise that Zimbabweans love Genius this much,” Zodwa said.

She also spoke about his assets that include the mansion and top-of-the-range cars. State papers from a 2018 court case between the couple show that the home which had become a status symbol at the peak of Ginimbi’s powers was co-owned by Ginimbi and Zodwa.

Zodwa and Ginimbi during their happy days

“Genius wanted the best of cars,” Zodwa said. “When we started to build the house I never thought he was going to finish, put the tar and later electricity.

“My wish is for Baba (Anderson, who is Ginimbi’s father), Julie, is to make the name of Genius go on, let us make sure what he wanted is achieved. Let the place be maintained to its status.

“If the mansion is to be turned into a museum or hotel let it be for benefit of the Kadungures. Let’s continue with the spirit of loving.”

Ginimbi’s father, Anderson, said he was grateful to his son’s friends, who assisted with funeral expenses

“Ginimbi was a man of the people. As his father, I appreciated it this past week. I am very grateful to his friends who have stood with us until today,” he said.

Several speakers including the area’s traditional chief spoke glowingly about Ginimbi at the burial yesterday.

Chief Chinamhora described Ginimbi as a unifier, which he said was demonstrated by the number of people that turned up for the funeral.

“On November 2, I wanted to see him but his security denied me entry. I then tried to call him, but his phone was off. He had to later call me and invited me for tea and I had the opportunity to have a tour of the mansion,” the traditional leader told mourners.

Earlier on, a host of Ginimbi’s rich friends arrived on Friday driving top-of-the-range cars.

Ginimbi’s funeral drew large crowds beginning on Friday where hundreds of people turned up at a funeral parlour in Harare when his relatives collected his body.

In the evening, a music concert was held at his mansion at Nyamande village despite an earlier ban by the police, who cited Covid-19 regulations that limit gatherings to 100 people. Again scores turned up for the concert headlined by the popular Jah Prayzah.

Some police officers were also part of scores of people, who attended the concert where dancehall chanter Killer T, Winsor, Allana, Ndunge Yut and popular outfit Judgement Yard entertained mourners.

There was hardly any social distancing at the concert and the majority of people were not wearing masks in contravention of Covid-19 regulations.

Police on Friday had banned the concert and publicly warned Ginimbi’s family against flouting Covid-19 regulations.

As for the sprawling mansion which many fear will crumble into a white elephant, a 2018 court record reveal that Zodwa Mkandla also claims ownership to the house.

These ownership details were leaked in court as Zodwa, who is popularly known as Zozo, sought to retrieve lost property worth $60 000 at the house in question.

In the court case, the State detailed that Zodwa lost the property at her Domboshava mansion to one of her security personnel, a man identified as Justice Jasi. Justice allegedly did injustice in spite of the trust vested in him.

The two businesspeople (Zozo and Ginimbi) never categorically stated their marital status despite speculation and rumours that the two were married under Marriage Act which will entitle them to dual ownership of properties.

On numerous occasions, Ginimbi skirted answering the question on his marital status. ■

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