Chamisa angers recalled MPs and Councillors

MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa has angered recalled MPs and councillors after he told members of the national standing committee that they would have to contest in primary elections if they intend to run in the pending by-elections.

The Daily News reported a source saying organising secretary Amos Chibaya attempted to challenge Chamisa’s order but the MDC-A president refused to budge.

“The president (Chamisa) suggested during a standing committee meeting that primary elections be held in all constituencies where MPs and councillors were recalled, to choose candidates to represent the party when by-elections are held,” the publication reported, quoting a source.

“The suggestion came as a shock to all of us because the party made a resolution that the concerned MPs and councillors would be our candidates again as a reward for their loyalty to the party — given that some were bullied by Khupe into selling out.

“Soon after the suggestion, Chibaya raised his objection, but Nero would have none of it and told him in no uncertain terms that he could as well chair the standing committee meeting if he so desired.

“The call for Chibaya to chair the meeting was met with dead silence as Chamisa sternly warned that he did not countenance leaders who dared challenge him.”

The recalled MPs, most of whom won the ticket to Parliament on the back of the MDC-A’s chaotic primary elections in 2018, feel that the majority of them might not be so lucky again this time around. In other constituencies in 2018, the party even did not hold primaries and merely nominated candidates.

Chamisa reportedly made the unpopular decision as he felt some former legislators and councillors were no longer wanted in their constituencies. – Daily News

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