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Trump drops lawsuit seeking review of Arizona ballots

LAWYERS for the Donald Trump campaign on Friday dropped a lawsuit seeking a review of all ballots cast on Election Day in Arizona after finding that the margin of victory for the presidential contest in the state could not be overcome, CNN reports.

The Trump campaign filed the lawsuit on Saturday alleging some voters were confused on Election Day and feared that their ballots were not counted if the vote tabulation machines classified their ballots as overvotes. They were seeking a hand review of any ballots flagged by the machine as overvotes alleging it could result in thousands of votes for President Donald Trump.

On Friday, however, the Trump campaign told a judge in Maricopa County that “tabulation of votes statewide has rendered unnecessary a judicial ruling as to the presidential electors.”

NBC News and CNN projected late on Thursday night that former Vice President Joe Biden has won Arizona, marking just the second time in more than seven decades that a Democrat has won Arizona in a presidential election.

The Trump campaign pushed back against those projections. Speaking with Newsmax, Boris Epshteyn, strategic advisor to the Trump 2020 campaign, was optimistic that Trump would ultimately prevail in Arizona, despite still trailing Biden by over 11,000 votes.

“We were down by 200,000 votes when [Fox News] first called it for Biden,” Epshteyn said. “Now we’re down by 11,500 votes, with up to 40,000 ballots left to be counted.”

“There will be a victory for president trump in Arizona,” added Epshteyn. – Agencies

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