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Ginimbi’s grave to reduce multimillion dollar house to zero value

By Mutsa Makuvaza

OBSERVERS say the wish by party animal Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure to be buried inside his sprawling Domboshava home reduces the value of the property from multi million dollars to nothing, and that value could be salvaged if the home was to be turned into a hotel or even a strip club.

Ginimbi’s burial is on this Saturday, and family spokesperson Mr. Clement Kadungure says the family has resolved to bury the flamboyant tycoon inside the yard of his eye-catching mansion located 39 kilometres from Harare.

Mr. Kadungure also dismissed social media chatter that Ginimbi will be buried inside the house.

“He will be buried in his yard, not inside the house as being alluded to by some people. He will be buried according to our normal ways and according to tradition, not what different people are saying.”

Mr Kadungure said a mausoleum will be built soon after his burial, but it will have his statue instead. 

Brian Sedze, a social commentator, scratched his head over what the burial of Ginimbi inside his yard will do to the value of the house as well as the entire yard.

“Imagine if they convert the property into a hotel. Imagine a hotel with a grave in its yard. This will discount value of the hotel property,” he said.

“If they decide to sell – maybe not now, in the future – who would buy a property with a grave in the compound?” queried Sedze, who organized State galas including the Mzee Bira in the years gone by.

“No avarage person can maintain that house. You have to be rich! Now without the house itself generating revenue its not viable to appoint a real estate manager to improve or at worst maintain the house.

“The house itself has no tax value so they should be aware a significant chunk of movable assets should pay tax. If you die you pay tax for dying. We call it death tax in street lingo.

The eye-catching mansion has six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema. PHOTO: Sunday Mail

“So excess from disposing movable assets will have to try maintain the house.

“It means the house’s full potential should ideally not chained by grave to ensure that a myriad options are explored on its use at er his burial. Otherwise in a few months significant value would have been lost,” said Sedze, an economist.

The eye-catching mansion has six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema.

The mansion has an open plan type of design with doorless entrances connecting the rooms with every single room built with a balcony and verandah giving access to the lush gardens.

“If i was an advisor I would stop burial at site and convert the place to match his lifestyle. Perhaps turn it into a high end bar, strip club, private rooms, food & fine wine exhibitions, lingerie, clothes & jewellery auctions, and entertainment events!”

The two-storey house is built on four acres of land in rural Domboshava which is 39 kilometres from Harare.

The eye-catching mansion has six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema.

Speaking to State media in 2018, Ginimbi said this about the house’s design:

When I engaged an architect to design my house, I made sure that he understood the way I live my life.

I instructed him to study me from my choice of cars to dress sense to social interests and come up with something that depicts all of these things. And the result was two-storey buildings of pure class.

The ground floor has a large kitchen, a lounge, a small ‘‘reception’’, gym, cinema, guest bedrooms and an entire guest wing which is separated from the main house by a series of garages for Kadungure’s top-of-the-range cars which include the Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley Bentyaga SUV and a Range Rover. – Zimbabwe Voice

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