Mudiwa’s book bought for US$700

By Keith Mlauzi

As usual the ‘King of Flex’ Mudiwa Hood could not keep his ‘blessings’ to himself after business man Chamu Chiwanza preferred to buy his newly released “Shut up and make money” motivational book for a whopping $700 United States dollars.

Mudiwa, a rapper-cum businessman, was quick to take it to social media today after fellow businessman Chiwanza showed him support buy buying his US$10 book for U$700.

Chiwanza ordered two books at a prices of US$350 each, adding up to US$700.

Posting on his instagram the Ndaita Mari hit maker said, “US $700 for two books book!!! The actual price is $10 only but he chose to pay more,” he said.

He went on narrating how he was motivated by Chiwanza

“Young man you are going far; my little help will help you realize I am one of the people to support you every time you need me –Chamu Chiwanza,” Mudiwa said.

Mudiwa who is struggling to make his way back in the music stages has strategically come up with a three phase approach to gain his fame that never was.

The publication of the book is part of the three phase comeback. After the book the rapper is set to release an album.

To wrap up his three phase come back the rapper will release a mysterious project titled Under The Hoods, whose details he has not yet revealed. – Zimbabwe Voice

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