Mudenda orders Khupe’s MPs to declare assets

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  • "Where a Member is appointed after the opening of the Parliament, the disclosure is to be done within 60 days after his or her appointment as a Member."

By Mutsa Makuvaza

SPEAKER of Parliament Jacob Mudenda has ordered legislators who have recently joined Parliament to declare their assets within sixty (60) days from the date they were sworn in.

Section 198 of the Constitution requires that all public officers make regular disclosures of their assets, and it also says a code of conduct must be observed by public officers in observance of good corporate governance.

Section 198 (d) reads: “An Act of Parliament must provide measures to enforce the provisions, including measures like providing for the disciplining of persons who contravene the provisions of this chapter or of any code of conduct.”

The majority of new legislators are from the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T and were sworn in this this month as replacement for their rivals recalled from the MDC-A led by Nelson Chamisa.

“I would like to advice the newly sworn in Members of Parliament that they must register their assets in terms of Section 8 of the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Members of Parliament as read together with Standing Order No. 50 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the National Assembly,” Mudenda said yesterday afternoon during a sitting of the august House.

Mudenda added: “Standing Order No. 50 states that it is a statutory requirement that every Member registers his or her proprietary interest within 60 days of the date of opening of the new Parliament.

“Where a Member is appointed after the opening of the Parliament, the disclosure is to be done within 60 days after his or her appointment as a Member.”

He also reminded the other legislators that they have to update their asset registers in the case where there have been changes, or if they had not yet registered their proprietary interests.

“I would also like to remind Hon. Members who had previously declared their assets before and have, since such declaration, attained new properties to register them in the declaration register.  

“Honourable Members are advised to attend to their asset declaration as soon as possible,” said Mudenda.

Parliament in 2017 adopted a code of conduct which requires MPs to disclose assets such as shares and financial interests, remunerated employment outside Parliament, directorships and partnerships, consultancies, sponsorships, gifts and hospitality, benefits, foreign travel, land and property and pensions.

Parliament also put a cap of US$4 500 on gifts MPs can receive per calendar year. – Zimbabwe Voice

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