‘Henrietta Rushwaya gold smuggling case will die quietly’

By Alex Magaisa, via Twitter

READING the comments regarding the arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya for attempting to smuggle gold, most people do not believe she will be held accountable. That’s how low the justice system ranks in the public estimation because it bends towards PEPs and political elites.

Gold is one of the country’s biggest forex earners. A person smuggling gold out of the country is sabotaging the nation.

If Henrietta Rushwaya has been connected to the MDC Alliance, state media would be having a field day. But she’s one of their own, looting in broad daylight.

Just a few days ago, Rushwaya was with the Minister of Mines, Winston Chitando where big deals were announced.

Also present at the ceremony was that Ali Mohammed of Ali Japan786, the chap who Rushwaya is implicating as her principal in the gold smuggling. The Herald covered it.

If Rushwaya’s confession is correct, this means Minister Chitando was dealing with a criminal element.

Do the intelligence guys ever do any due diligence or they just focus on going after government critics? Remember the Drax affair and that dodgy Albanian chap?

It looks like criminals masquerading as investors see Zimbabwe as a haven for their heists.

And how many more Zimbabweans out there are acting as couriers, like Rushwaya? She was probably bleating about sanctions yesterday. But they are the ones looting in broad daylight.

She will probably be bailed shortly. And after a few remand hearings, the matter will die quietly. It will be set up to fail, like the Nguwaya affair.

There will be technicalities that will be exploited and that will be it. It all depends on who her political godfather is.

  • Magaisa is a University of Kent law lecturer and former advisor in the office of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

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