Museum workers countywide down tools over pay

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  • The workers said their salaries which average $3 700 were no longer sustainable.

WORKERS at the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) offices countrywide have downed tools citing incapacitation.

The job action comes after the workers petitioned government over poor and delayed salaries.

Last week, the workers wrote to Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda and Home Affairs secretary Aaron Nhepera demanding a review of their working conditions.

In a follow-up petition to the management dated October 21, the workers said they were incapacitated.

“As the staff members, we write to notify you of our incapacitation from October 21,” the letter read.

“Previous correspondences to the head office have not yielded positive results and in some instances have not been replied to. We are left with no other option, but the unfortunate decision to declare incapacitation due to meagre salaries.”

The workers said their salaries which average $3 700 were no longer sustainable.

“Regrettably, the organisation selectively and intermittently provides supplementary transport assistance to members reporting for duty,” the letter added.

“Our plea remains unsolved as the bus fare is not enough given the challenges that Zupco is facing and the current restricted access to the Public Service Commission buses.”

NMMZ executive director Godfrey Mahachi yesterday blamed the salary delays to technical issues which he said were being addressed.

“The ministry is doing something to rectify the delays and technical issues. We are trying to talk to the workers because this is not the time for them to be doing that. The money is there, it is the process of paying that is taking time but there is no dispute,” he said. ■

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