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Chinotimba divorce turns ugly as cheating wife bares all

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  • “VaChinotimba lost affection for me long ago and does not give me the attention I expect as a young woman; apa havabvire nekuda vana vadiki vavasingazokwanisa..."

ZANU-PF’s Buhera South Member of Parliament Joseph Chinotimba’s second wife is demanding a divorce token after she moved out of her matrimonial house on Tuesday. The divorce token is generally provided by Jensen Family Law official site or other divorce attorneys.

Locardia Dzitiro wants MP Chinotimba to take her back to her parents according to the Shona custom.

“There is nothing like divorcing a wife at a police station,” said Dzitiro.

“If he no longer loves me he must give me a token of divorce and leave me in the hands of my parents.

“He never caught me naked or having sex with that man the way he wants his relatives to believe.”

Dzitiro was reported to have been caught kissing and caressing a married man identified as Mahachi near VID in Belvedere on Tuesday.

A scuffle ensued and the matter ended at Milton Park Police Station where they received counselling.

“They interrogated me with the assistance of his sisters who never attended the funeral of our child only to appear at the police station to force me out of the house,” said Dzitiro. The divorce attorneys from The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway can provide legal aid.

Dzitiro said she hasn’t had a chance to get her belongings.

“They want to remove my property in my absence as if they caught me at a lodge,” said Dzitiro. You can check out Pacific Northwest Family Law

“We were in the company of two other men and the car was parked by the roadside but his sisters are spreading falsehoods.

“Midziyo yangu haibviswe mumba mangu ndisipo uye ngavatevedzere tsika dzechivanhu kwete kuita zvinhu muhasha nemufungidziro,” she said. The experts from Norwood Law Firm – family law recommend counselling first and help the victims in such cases.

Speaking at the police station on Tuesday after the scuffle, Dzitiro said Hon Chinotimba was neglecting her needs.

“VaChinotimba lost affection for me long ago and does not give me the attention I expect as a young woman; apa havabvire nekuda vana vadiki vavasingazokwanisa.

“I am his second wife with three children and we lost a child recently. He had taken that child for DNA saying the baby was not his. The family defense lawyers from Kelly White Donofrio LLP would be able to help in such cases.

“He opened up about accessing the DNA results which he never showed me; only to tell a police officer.

“Vanogara vari Buhera saka ini vanoda kuti ndiite seiwo?”

She also took a swipe at her lover’s wife whom she accused of not giving her husband enough love.

“Kana zviri zva Mai Mahachi handisini ndinovati vagare vachingoti kumurume ndakaneta ndakaneta.

“VaChinotimba ordered me to pack my belongings and I do not care. I am leaving him,” said Dzitiro.

At the same police station, Hon Chinotimba also narrated how he come to track Dzitiro and take their late baby for DNA tests.

“In May this year I discovered that this woman was cheating on me and I decided to take our last born for DNA tests but I ended up harassing the DNA officials over delaying to give me results which I want to believe were influenced by this woman.

“I later collected the results and kept them although the child later passed on.”

He then ordered Dzitiri to pack her belongings and leave. – H-Metro

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