Stop persecuting me, I fought for this country: Minister tells off Wadyajena (VIDEO)

By Mutsa Makuvaza

A TOUGH talking Manicaland Resident Minister Ellen Gwaradzimba told Parliamentary Portfolio Committee chairman on Agriculture, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, to stop persecuting her as she fought for the country’s independence and is suffering from a heart ailment as well as diabetes.

Wadyajena was seeking to quiz the Minister on allegations that she invaded a farm in her province and used her political clout to muscle out a white farmer.

However, things got heated and Wadyajena got more than he had bargained for from tough-talking Gwaradzimba, who urged the committee to stop persecuting her.

Gwaradzimba appeared before committee in relation to a case where she is accused that she withdrew a 206-hectare farm in Chipinge from a white farmer and gave it to her biological son, Remembrance Mbudzana.

Gwaradzimba questioned Wadyajena as to who sent him to persecute her. She said it was the late Agriculture Minister Perrance Shiri who allocated her son the farm after she had requested some place for her son to farm.

The verbal altercation began after Wadyajena remained unrelenting and accused the resident Minister of invading the farm.

Before she stoop up from her seat, the Minister reminded Wadyajena that she fought for the country and would not tolerate being persecuted over falsehoods.

She added that at last she was grateful of getting an opportunity to set the record straight, adding that white people do not want to live in harmony with black people.

Watch the video below:

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