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EXPOSED: Mai Titi in ‘fake’ relationship

By Keith Mlauzi

Comedienne Felistas Murata affectionately known as Mai Titi has once again come back in the gossip circles after Evidence Chihera of Team Chihera has exposed her relationship with South African based Nigerian Mr Obina to be ‘fake’.

Chihera refereeing to the Nigerian man as Charlie lifted the lid from the pot and let out all the juicy details hidden behind Mai Titi’s newly found lover.

In the video that has since gone viral on social media, Chihera accuses Mai Titi for being desperate to an extent of paying a man to pretend to be his lover.

She mocks Mai Titi with her own given Cat name as Chikiti. She says, “Chikiti was drunk on pills and when she came back to Zimbabwe, Charlie told her to delete all their pictures from social media.”

Defending herself, Mai Titi said her account was hacked which explains why the picture were deleted.

Defiant Chihera retaliates saying, “Verified accounts can never be hacked, it’s impossible; she’s lying to you.”

The outspoken socialite went on to say, “Mai Titi is suffering from peer pressure, and she just wants to prove a point, she’s even paying and begging the guy behind closed doors.”

Chihera had no sweet words for Mai Titi’s man as well, “He’s lying he doesn’t own any company. He shares one room with some South African women. He even wears fake brands.”

The cat family (Mai Titi’s fans) were not spared from the ruthless attack, “Even her fans are not real, this explains why her shows have been flopping, and people only support her on Facebook.”

Contacted for a comment Mai Titi’s mobile phone was not reachable.

Picking from her latest Facebook she just had a few words for Chihera she said, “You’ll never be criticized by someone who is doing better than you, you can only be criticized by someone who is way less.”

The message was accompanied by a provocative picture of a pig sleeping next to a man.  

Mai Titi has been head over hills with her new lover Mr Obina, she claims she has already met the his family that is based in South Africa. She even says that she will be spending the festive holidays with Obina’s mother in Nigeria.

For good measure, Mai Titi recently outed Chihera saying she was a fraud. “It is only that Chihera is not in Zimbabwe otherwise we would have dealt with her.

Added Mai Titi: “I actually wanted to take her to court because she is now taking it way too far, she is actually taking advantage of the fact that she is in South Africa.

“In South Africa, she is actually living a very sorrowful life, she is a disgrace to womanhood, you can even see by where she does her live feeds that she is struggling, a bitter somebody.

“When I got hacked and was told by people what was going on I called my IT guys who handle my pages asking them what was going on.” – Zimbabwe Voice

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