Zimbabweans are exaggerating the crisis: MisRed (VIDEO)

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  • "Don't ever think Nigeria is better than Zimbabwe. Things are tight in Africa, people are being abducted in Nigeria, they are being killed, they are being arrested. Uganda is another example, so let's no go about saying Zimbabwe is bad," she said with a sarcastic laugh.

By Keith Mlauzi

POPULAR radio personality MisRed, real name Samantha Musa, once again caused outrage on social media after posting a video “trivialising” the struggles and human rights abuses taking place in Zimbabwe. 

In the video in question MisRed appears to be encouraging Zimbabweans to be patriotic citizens but the message came in at the wrong time when most citizens are frustrated by the government, therefore her words came out harsh and inconsiderate to the suffering masses.

The bubbly radio personality in the video said, “Right now, you don’t like your country and you have everything bad to say about it, so what are fighting for? Absolutely nothing! If you value your country so much you will fight tooth and nail to save it.”

“If you say Zimbabwe is bad, people outside will also say Zimbabweans are bad and they will laugh at you.”

She went on to compare the current #EndSars movement in Nigeria (Protests against police brutality) to the ‘crisis’ Zimbabwe saying in Nigeria it’s worse than it is in Zimbabwe.

“Nigeria is bad guys, you all can see what’s happening there. We have our situation they have their own, but Nigerians will never talk bad about their country, they will defend it,” she said.

She continued and mocked those who thought Nigeria was better than Zimbabwe.

“Don’t ever think Nigeria is better than Zimbabwe. Things are tight in Africa, people are being abducted in Nigeria, they are being killed, they are being arrested. Uganda is another example, so let’s no go about saying Zimbabwe is bad,” she said with a sarcastic laugh.

The current video which has trended on social media has poked so many people,  including UK based socialite Olinda Chapel who has been in hiding after a messy break-up with baby Daddy Tytan. 

Olinda joined a handful of Zimbabweans in talking back at MisRed who posted a video implying that Zimbabweans are ‘exaggerating the crisis’. 

Posting on her Facebook page Olinda said, “I think MisRed you’re being completely disrespectful to the people of Zimbabwe. You just need to stop! Some comments you make are hurtful, especially to people like Itai and Patson Dzamara and those that were killed by Soldiers.”

Also commenting on the furore over the MisRed latest video, Nick Mangwana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, urged Zimbabweans to reflect on the message and not attack the messenger MisRed.

“I heard this video torched a storm and some have gone into feats of anger and personal abuse towards Samantha.

“Well, let’s stand back and look at ourselves in this mirror placed before us. Let’s not attack the mirror for giving us a reflection which is correct but unflattering,” said Mangwana.

He added that the radio personality had as much right as everyone else to air their views.

“MisRed has already stood up to cyberbullies and they are cowards and pseudo-democrats. Freedom of expression is not only a cardinal right for those speaking anti-establishment rhetoric.”

This is not the first time the radio personality has been on cross roads with Zimbabweans on issues to do with the crisis in the country.

In August she was attacked by her fellow countryfolks after she told a Ghanaian radio station that there was no human rights abuse in Zimbabwe.

It is not only MisRed who has angered the nation by seemingly defending the government, her colleague Jah Prayzah and a number of Celebrities suffered the same fate after choosing to not participate in the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement. 

Watch the video by MisRed below:

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