It’s game on as Tongai Moyo’s sons refuse to forgive each other

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  • Peter and Obert Moyo are fighting to lead their late father’s band the Utakataka Express.

By Keith Mlauzi

The feud continues!

Any rays of hope and the light at the end of the tunnel for the feud between the Dewa brothers (Peter Moyo and Obert Tongai jnr Moyo) have been extinguished as Obert Moyo’s manager rubbished social media reports that the two brothers are working on a collaboration.

Peter Moyo and Obert Tongai (Jnr) Moyo — both sons of the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo — have different mothers.

Fans of the Utakataka Express band were delighted receiving news that Tongai Moyo’s sons who have turned to be each one’s worst nightmare will finally bury the hatchet. 

Mateyo, Obert Moyo’s manager, said Obert is focusing on building up his brand as an artiste and his fans should not take into consideration reports circulating on social media that the boys have forgiven each other and are working on a project together.

“It’s all lies, there is nothing of that sort in our camp, they are not working on any project together, each one is working in their own” said Mateyo rubbishing the rumors as fake news.

Asked if they were working on forgiving each other as brothers, Mateyo denied those reports as well.

“We have never discussed anything to do with uniting the brothers, I’m with Obert right now, they haven’t forgiven each other as of yet,” he added.

Tongai Moyo’s worst fear as he said on his death bed in 2011 was that his oldest son Peter Moyo was too soft for the showbiz industry and would not be able to lead the bend back to its former glory. Little did he know a cunning younger version of him would want to take over as sole leader of the band.

Peter and Obert Moyo are fighting to lead their late father’s band the Utakataka Express. 

Reports indicate that the band is already divided as some members are already playing key studio roles and live performances.

Obert has dissed his brother in a number of songs, his latest single Cain and Abel making reference to the biblical story of two brother who had a fight that led to the death of one is a recent example of his diss tracks aimed at his brother Peter.

Efforts to reach Peter Moyo for a comment were fruitless as his phone was unreachable. – Zimbabwe Voice

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