No more load-shedding in Zimbabwe: Govt

GOVERNMENT has said the era of load-shedding in Zimbabwe is over and the current power outages being experienced in some areas are a result of faults and vandalism.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Gloria Magombo, said the country had enough electricity supply and was working on further increasing its power generation capacity.

Delays by residents in reporting faults and cases of vandalism and damage to infrastructure were resulting in prolonged outages.

She was speaking at the national energy efficiency policy workshop in Harare yesterday.

“The era of load shedding is behind us. The current challenges we are facing are mainly due to faults. When we are getting to the rainy season, it becomes windy and a lot of suburbs have been affected in the past weeks.

“Vandalism is also one of our biggest nemesis which continues to be on the rise, we appeal to stakeholders that we work together to stop this nemesis.

“We are doing everything to improve on the infrastructure,” she said.

A team of Italian engineers was back in the country to complete refurbishment works at Hwange Thermal Power Station after they were forced to return to their country during the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

The refurbishment works are expected to add 300MW to the national grid.

“At the time of going into lockdown in March, we had two units — unit three and unit six — which were under repair and maintenance and unfortunately the specialists working there had to go to their home countries.

“They have come back to work on unit six and we already have some people working on unit three and some will be coming by the end of month.

“We are now back on the programme and we expect the units to be done before the end of November or early December,” said Magombo.■

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