Motorists to pay US $30 clamping fees

GWERU residents and motorists were left shocked when the Gweru City Council increased the clamping fees to US$30 from ZWL $45 while the local authority is now charging US$1 for parking fees per hour.

Gweru City Council, through the office of the acting town clerk, released a public notice last week informing residents and motorists of the new development.

“We would like to notify the public that from Friday October 9, our parking fees will be $1 USD or equivalent as per bank rate. Clamping fees will be $30 USD or equivalent as per bank rate (auction rate),” reads the notice.

US$30 converted at the auction rate is about ZWL$2 440. Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe said the new fees were implemented by the management using the 2017 council resolution when the local currency was still 1:1 with the US dollar.

“I was informed by the management that the development was as a result of the 2017 council resolution. The management said they were implementing it now. This is despite the fact that the exchange rate then was still 1:1 while the situation is now different,” he said.

Clr Makombe said council will review the clamping fees downwards to suit the prevailing economic situation.

“I have asked the management to shelve the resolution while we review the fees downwards. We know people will not get that huge amount.

We want the fees to go down to about US$5. It is reasonable and affordable.

“We will issue a statement on Monday announcing the new development. We also want to put robust systems in place to ensure that the foreign currency payment facility is not abused and manipulated,” he said.

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