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Former State galas organizer tells Jah Prayzah to act now, or else…

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  • Sedze says Jah Prayzah is facing a backlash from urban people with disposable income and they are mainly opposition and "they don't tolerate an alternative political inclination..."

By Nomalanga Mlotshwa

MULTI-AWARD winning entertainer and musician Jah Prayzah must act real fast or else he will lose a good part of his brand and value in the wake of a nasty backlash from politically charged Zimbabwean fans.

This advice to Jah Prayzah comes from business executive Brian Sedze, a former organizer of the State galas, who says the Mudhara Achauya hit maker must hire a public relations firm real fast before he lives to regret.

Zimbabweans who include prominent political activist Hopewell Chin’ono have been decampagning Jah Prayzah on social media ever since three days ago when he appealed for Zimbabweans’ vote. This follows his nomination for the Africa Music Awards, US in the Entertainer of the Year category.

“I will give Jah Prayzer the same advice I gave Andy Brown, Tambaoga and Isaac Chirwa years back,” Brian Sedze said Friday. “Just for context I used to be responsible for organizing national galas and music production. The galas included Independence, Heroes, Umdhala Wethu, etc.

“Zimbabweans can be unforgiving and politicians can waste an artist. The three artists I have mentioned above had their careers decimated but unlike Jah Prayzah who omitted to join a hashtag the artist I mentioned participated in openly supporting Zanu-PF.

“Simon Chimbetu on the other hand was extremely committed to ruling party cause and budgeted for acrimony with urbanites,” Sedze said.

Chin’ono accuses Jah Prayzah of not supporting the #ZimbabweLivesMatter hashtag while other say he is a Zanu-PF supporter, although there is no evidence of such.

Sedze says while in a fully functioning democracy it shouldn’t matter who Jah Prayzah supports or does not support, the matter is completely different with Zimbabwe where the shadow of politics looms large over virtually every other sector, showbiz included.

Brian Sedze has some advice for Jah Prayzah in the wake of the #ZimbabweLivesMatter backlash.

“In a mature democracy it should not matter who one supports. In Jah Prayzah’s case, he actually chose to be neutral.

“My advice to the young man is that he needs to immediately hire a PR firm and issue a string of statements!

“Or else soon they (angry Zimbabweans) will start boycotting his products and shows.

“English proficiency permitting, the (other) alternative strategy (for Jah Prayzah) will be to expand his music market into the wider Anglo African region.”

Jah Prayzah could also start expanding his music into the wider Anglo African region, says Sedze

Sedze says Jah Prayzah is facing a backlash from urban people with disposable income and they are mainly opposition.

“They don’t tolerate alternative political views, and that’s a fact.” – Zimbabwe Voice

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