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Fadzayi Mahere reveals why she’s yet to get a husband

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  • Fadzayi has previously been accused of trying to snatch a married man by none other than internationally acclaimed lawyer and author Petina Gappah...

By Thabiso Mdhluli

TOP Harare lawyer Fadzayi Mahere decided when she was in Grade 7 that she would not get a human husband.

The MDC Alliance spokesperson and law advocate made the sensational disclosure in a rather tongue-in-cheek comment in her social media platform, indicating that her mother had an effect on her current “unmarried” status which seems to continuously vex especially the male component of her large number of followers on Twitter.

At age 22, Fadzayi says she left the country to take a job abroad, the first time she did so.

“Age 24 was the second time (for me) to study abroad,” the 35-year-old Arundel High and University of Zimbabwe alumni revealed.

Mahere says the last time her mom enquired about when she might fnally settle down in marriage, she went down in memory lane for the response.

Said Fadzayi: “I reminded her (the mom) that in Grade 7 she told me my books were my husband and I never looked back.”

Is Mahere a husband snatcher?

Mahere stormed into prominence in 2016 when Pastor Ivan Mawarire was pinning down the Robert Mugabe regime over corruption, collapse of the public services delivery system as well as the introduction of the bond note. She was a poster girl of Mawarire’s #ThisFlag movement which shut down the entire country in mid-2016 through non-violent protests.

Then, no sooner had Fadzayi revealed in her newfound fame than international lawyer and well respected author Petina Gappah slammed Mahere for using her father’s government connections in order to get a place to study law at the University of Zimbabwe “even when she didn’t qualify.”

Stephen Mahere, Fadzayi’s dad, is a retired prominent civil servant and educationist who served in senior roles in Mugabe’s government.

Gappah was not done yet. She further went on to accuse her of lying that she was a lawyer at the International Criminal Court  at the Hague when according to her it turned out she was just an intern.

The plot thickened when Petina also accused Fadzayi of trying to get in her man’s pants and threatened to release the evidence.

However, Fadzayi flatly denied all the accusations and replied that she worked her way up the social ladder without any of her father’s connections and associations with the ruling party.

Did Mahere split the MDC Alliance?

Prior to joining the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance in 2019, Mahere tried her hand in politics an independent politician who dissociated herself with “tainted” Zanu-PF and MDC brands of politics.

In 2018, Mahere contested as an independent candidate of the Mt Pleasant Member of Parliament seat and unfortunately lost to MDC Alliance’s Samuel Banda.

Realizing that it was cold out there in independent politics with little funding until the 2023 elections, Mahere in June 2019 joined the MDC Alliance. Chamisa subsequently appointed her the opposition party’s Secretary for Education.

As if that was not enough, Chamisa further reassigned her to be the party’s Secretary for Communication on in May 2020. The move angered opposition veterans like Tapiwa Mashakada who complained that the party had more deserving members who have been in the trenches for decades and have yet to be recognized with influential posts.

Squabbles subsequently boiled up in the opposition party, leading to many disgruntled officials accusing Chamisa of running the party in true Mugabe dictatorial fashion, or worse.

Mahere however remains unmoved, and fights for her political space like a cornered lioness.

She studied for a Bachelors of Law Honours degree from 2004 to 2008 at the UZ. She then proceeded to the University of Cambridge in the UK in 2010, for a Master of Laws, International Criminal Law & International Commercial Litigation before graduating in 2011. – Zimbabwe Voice

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