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Headmaster nearly shot dead while poaching

ELISE Glahdill High School’s headmaster, Andrew Mvere, escaped death by a whisker after gunshots were fired at him as he was poaching game at a Headlands farm.

Mvere (56) was arrested together with Samuel Chimbo and Million Sanyamakomba.

The trio recently appeared before Rusape magistrate, Ms Rufaro Mangwiro, and they were granted $3 000 bail each.

The trial has been set for 16 November.

The three were represented by Mr Walter Mangwende of Chiwanza and Partners Legal Practitioners.

It is alleged that on September 8, the three drove to Mezzi Estate at night.

When the trio came across a security guard identified as Edison Bvumba, Chimbo fired a single shot in the air. He ordered Bvumba not to alert the farm owners, Messers Craig and Eric Coleman.

Prosecuting, Ms Theresa Mangwende said, “The three then drove off to continue with their mission. Bvumba then called the farm owners. Craig teamed up with Eric to track the trio. When the accused persons saw Craig’s vehicle lights, they drove towards another farm, but the farm owners gave chase.

“Craig fired a warning shot but the trio did not stop. The second shot hit the vehicle’s loading box but the poachers continued driving. When Eric fired another shot, the trio finally stopped,” said Ms Mangwende.

Headlands police were alerted, thereby leading to the arrest of the accused persons.

Investigations conducted by the police revealed that Mvere, Chimbo and Sanyamakomba had gone to Mezzi Farm to poach game.

Investigations also revealed that Mvere’s shotgun riffle, which is licenced for crop and livestock protection at his farm, was used by Chimbo to silence Bvumba.   

Said Ms Mangwende: “Mvere breached the law by handing over the firearm to Chimbo — an unauthorised person.  The firearm was also supposed to be used at a prescribed place only.”

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