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This lady ‘stole’ millions from an SA mall and continues to evade cops

The South African woman accused of pulling off a brazen R4m theft from an SBV depot in Midrand, by strolling off with cash stuffed in refuse bags inside a trolley, lived a modest life with friends for five months while police were searching for her.

Two weeks after Bathobile Mlangeni, 29, allegedly executed the audacious theft at Mall of Africa in July last year, she sought refuge in a three-roomed RDP house in the township of Buhle Park, near Germiston, under the pretext of being on the run from “an abusive boyfriend”. 

Mlangeni was on duty at the time of the incident and allegedly cut open two bulk cash bags with a pair of scissors before transferring the money into a number of refuse bags which she placed in a trolley and walked out of the centre.

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