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60-year-old man murdered in Rusape

Police have launched a manhunt for about seven armed robbers, who allegedly killed a 60-year-old man at his home in Rusape and stole US$7 and an undisclosed amount in local currency.

Reports indicated that the gang members, who were armed with knives, machetes and wooden sticks, pounced on Boas Mamutse and his family on Sunday at around 7pm.

They allegedly demanded money from the family and were told there was none. They quarrelled with Mamutse, saying they knew that his daughter got married recently and told him to surrender the money he received as bride price.

The gang reportedly told Mamutse that they knew he was the custodian of contributions for a burial society as the treasurer and started assaulting him with sticks before they took an axe and struck him on the nose.

The gang reportedly searched in the bedroom where they took US$7 and some local currency before fleeing the scene.

Mamutse’s two daughters and his wife, who were assaulted during the alleged robbery screamed for help and neighbours rushed to the house and helped the family to take the now deceased to hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police confirmed the incident in a statement.

“The men, who wore masks and were armed with knives, machetes and wooden sticks demanded money from the man and his family, but were told there was none. They tied the man’s wife and two children with a rope and later dragged the man outside and struck him on the head.

“They stole US$7 and an undisclosed amount in local currency and made good their escape. The man, who sustained cuts on the head, nose and arms was pronounced dead on arrival at Rusape General Hospital.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police were investigating the case and appealed to the public for information which may lead to the arrest of the suspects.

“Police are conducting investigations. It is clear that there are people who knew financial dealings which had been conducted by the deceased.

“They knew he was in possession of burial society money and he had a daughter, who had just been married.

“We are appealing to the community to assist with information, which can assist police to arrest these suspects quickly.

“Indications are that these are local people. If there are people from outside, then they were working with local people.”

Source — The Herald

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