“We are trying to unite our leaders: MDC youths

FACTIONAL fights in the opposition MDC took another turn yesterday with youths allegedly sympathetic to feuding leaders Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe throwing out members seen as sympathetic to MDC-T acting secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora from its head office in Harare and demanding dialogue between the two camps.

The youths, led by MDC-T chief security officer Paul Gorekore held a meeting at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, and refused intervention from police details who flocked to the MDC HQ after initial reports suggested that youths from the MDC Alliance had taken over the building.

Gorekore had been camped at the head office since Sunday, demanding that Chamisa and Khupe hold talks and to fend off ‘infiltration’ from Zanu PF elements.

“We are not blocking anyone here. We are inviting all our leaders to come and no one will harass anyone. We are trying to unite our leaders to iron out their differences with my 2014 MDC-T structures for youth assembly in Harare and our position is very clear,” Gorekore told the police from inside the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.

“This was necessitated by our realisation on the need to unite the people in the fight for a better Zimbabwe and defend the civilian space in the face of military-State capture.”

On March 31, the Supreme Court declared that Nelson Chamisa’s leadership of the MDC was illegitimate and placed Khupe in temporary charge. It also ordered the party to hold an extraordinary congress within three months.

Gorekore accused Mwonzora of making ‘illegal decisions’ without consulting party structures, in apparent reference to his recall of more than 21 MDC Alliance MPs and 84 councillors.

Mwonzora has also been accused of working closely with Zanu PF, police and the military while blocking Khupe allies from entering the party offices.

“We as the youths of the party as per 2014 structures, we have decided to go beyond our differences and unite to resolve the current crisis. We have been concerned by the recent developments where the party has been infiltrated and captured by Zanu PF elements battling to destroy the people’s movement, thereby aiding the suffering of the masses,” Gorekore said.

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