Supa Mandiwanzira: Shoddy policing or politicised arrests?

FORMER Minister of Information Communication Technology Supa Mandiwanzira (48) is now a free man, we understand? What was ZACC’s case against him, or was that Tabani Mpofu’s vindictive Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU)?

We were told Supa had been charged with abuse of office. Firstly he was accused of having illegally engaged auditors from Meggawatt Energy to audit a Chinese supply deal at Net One.

On appeal to the High Court Justice Mathonsi quashed the charge as Mandiwanzira proved that the audit actually unearthed an overpricing of over $100 million by the Chinese company, and also recovered $30 million.

Was anyone involved in this scandal investigated or charged after the High Court ruling?


The second charge was that Supa had illegally appointed a Board Member to his Ministerial Board when that person was not a Civil Servant.

All Mandiwanzira had to do is request the state to prove the board member was not a civil servant. He requested all details about the said member.

The state then produced a legitimate contract of employment proving the board member was a civil servant, and told the magistrate the State had overestimated its claims, and had no objection in Mandiwanzira being acquitted.

The magistrate then acquitted Mandiwanzira.

Was this a legitimate arrest or a malicious arrest to cause harassment and humiliation on the part of the accused.

Who made such stupid and baseless charges to begin with. How did the NPA proceed with such an elementary legal error?

Couldn’t they verify the employment status of the said board member before placing the charge?

How much trust must we place in a justice system that comes to court with such baseless charges?

  • Reason Wafawarova writes in his personal capacity.

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