List of blacklisted Estate Agents

THE Estate Agents Council has blacklisted 79 estate agents around the country for among other misdemeanors not being registered with the council and some not having a registered estate agent.

In a statement, the council warned the public from dealing with the blacklisted agents revealing that the council and the Compensation Fund will not accept liability if they suffer loses due to their dealings.

“Members of the public are hereby notified that these entities and individuals who are illegally practising as estate agents are not allowed to trade in Estate Agency business in Zimbabwe including assisting in selling and management of properties.

These entities/individuals have not complied with various legislative requirements for practicing which are meant to protect the public. These requirements include having in place a Principal Registered Estate Agent (PREA). We advise the public not to engage these entities for estate agency business. The Estate Agents Council and Compensation Fund will not accept liability for actions or ommisions of these entities or individuals,” reads the statement.

Some of the blacklisted agents, according to the list, have been closed for business while others have no Compensation Fund certificate.

In recent years members of the public have fallen victim to bogus estate agents who are advertise in the local media that they are selling properties and leasing house taking advantage of desperate home seekers to defraud them.

The blacklisted agents are listed below

Phoenix Real Estate                                         Afrikingdom Real Estate

Assorted Properties                                          Beanpole (Pvt) Ltd

Bevkin Real Estate                                            Brook Cherity Realty

CMC Property Managers                                 Portreal Africa Real

Fingold Real Estate                                           Homeslea Properties

Innovative Real Estate                                      Metro Realty

Real Properties                                                    Ridgway Grant Real Estate

Sunbrid Properties                                              Ten Yards Real Estate

Tentraline Real Estate                                        Hilstec Real Estate

Prolific-life Homes                                              Real Sales

Sherwood Greene Real Estate                           Treidon Real Estate

TWRE-Harare                                                       Zim Auction Real Estate

Zonal Properties                                                   Modern Properties

Zimproperty                                                          Keystone Real Estate

Royal Properties                                                  Africa Real Estate

Ebannewal Estates- Continental                      National Real Estate

Page Properties                                                    Elanders Twenty-Four Real Estate

Property Connect                                                Shingirai Mtetwa

Revival Generations Properties                        Sand River Real Estate

Ash Much                                                              Baobab Real Estate

Bethel Properties                                                Bristol Properties

Cannogate Properties                                         Chipo Kagonda

Dombo Dube                                                       Emporium Real Estate

Esteem Real Estate                                           Genesis Real Estate Africa

Grand Homes Real Estate                              Grapple Properties

I-Links group of Companies                           Lahsun Real Estate

Mangata Investments Pvt Ltd                        Mapha’s Accommodation services

Mel Dube Properties                                        Midlands Real Estate

Milton Properties                                            On Bargain Properties/ Vision Elite

Parnald Properties                                         Phuthi Properties and Property management

Prime Palmer Zimbabwe Private Limited

Property exchange                                          Property Haven Real Estate

Property Sales Harare Real Estate broker

Realtors Merchants                                        Royal Eagles Realtors

Simuka Realtors Pvt Ltd                                 Status Asset managers

Talent Mwembe/ Brian Nyoni Ncube          The Zimbabwe Tenants and lodgers association

Thornlink Properties                                       Top Homes Properties

Tusselehill Properties                                     Vakundi Realtors

Victoria Properties                                          Wakestone Properties

Primrose Rukwata                                           Compact Real Estate

Bechak Enterprises

Source — Sunday News

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