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A look at the root cause of chaos in the MDC

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  • The visible Zanu PF hand is the only reason there are still noticeable noisy supporters rooting for the humiliated and disgraced Nelson Chamisa.

The genesis of the perennial problems in the MDC Is that the party was formed and founded on multiple power centres, or if you prefer it, on the coming together of unrelated interest groups, if not conflicting ones.

There were students fronted by Learnmore Jongwe and the likes of Job Sikhala and Nelson Chamisa, and these were ably supported by urban youths. They formed a formidable power centre of their own.

Then there was Morgan Tsvangirai fronting a strong Labour Union power centre with the likes of Gift Chimanikire, Lucia Matibenga, Gibson Sibanda and others. This formed the official power centre of the new party as it was largely viewed as a Labour Party.

Third was the Intellectuals, and these included Welshman Ncube, Elphas Mukonoweshuro, John Makumbe and so on.

Fourth was the Civic Society fronted by the Douglas Mwonzoras, Madhukus and so on. Then there were peripheral interest groups like Gwisayi’s ISO and others from the churches, etc.

The intellectuals viewed the students as immature and directionless zealots intoxicated with gamepark wildness ambition, especially the likes of Job Sikhala. The trade unionists thought the same of the noisy students. Sikhala was in charge of security and he was busy inciting thuggery and hooliganism, and Tsvangirai was less than impressed.

Nelson Chamisa was busy creating an idol out of himself among the ghetto youths, and very wary of degreed youths at the time since all he was was a half backed expelled Harare Polythecnic Marketing Student. He has since amassed an impressive five degrees, and he suffixes himself Advocate these days. He prepared well for a takeover from Tsvangirai.

The intellectuals had a very low opinion of the unionists and particularly of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Munyaradzi Gwisayi and his ISO gang thought everyone was capitalist and dangerously compromised by Western imperialistic influence.

Civic society viewed themselves as the sober minded power brokers standing between the competing parties.

It was no surprise when the party split in 2005, after three years of serious factionalism led by Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube at Harvest House, even eventuating in messy violent encounters between rival loyalists of the two men.

Then Sikhala broke away too, and so did Tendai Biti, and so did Elton Mangoma, and so did Arthur Murambara from Welshman Ncube.

Then Tsvangirai unconstitutionally appointed Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri to deputise him alongside the elected Thoko Khupe.

Ben Manyenyeni thinks this was the “very source” of the messy infighting within the MDC family today, but I think that’s superficial logic. It may have exercabated the situation, but certainly did not cause it.

Manyenyeni is however right in saying the death of Tsvangirai triggered the Amargeddon rise of stinking demons, resulting in a succession drama that was handled to the dissatisfaction of some aspirants, and certainly of many neutral observers.

He is also right to say the MDC‘s self styled struggle for change is now fatigued because it has gone unpromisingly long at 21 years.

He is also right in saying the MDC leadership is driven by personal interests ahead of the collective, and also in saying the leadership is more frustrated than the followers.

There is not even one leader in the MDC who seems to be sincere and honest, not even the decent Elias Mudzuri.

Zanu PF has taken full advantage of the chaos and confusion to prop up the weaker factions against the stronger one.

The visible Zanu PF hand is the only reason there are still noticeable noisy supporters rooting for the humiliated and disgraced Nelson Chamisa.

It is a sympathy gesture where the supporters believe his victimisation by the incumbent regime far outweighs his obvious shortcomings.

If Zanu PF was not being run by novice excitable characters as is the case today, the MDC could have imploded to oblivion by this time. The simple rule not to disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake is what Zanu PF lacks.

There are a lot of excitable Zanu PF characters who think they can get relevance by vulturing around the dying body of the MDC “monster“. Not least among the is Victor Matemadanda, who is supposed to be the party’s chief strategist. He is surely an enthusiast, but certainly very shallow on strategy.

There are Zanu PF functionaries who think they are going for the kill when all they are doing is giving the stranded MDC supporters something to be angry against, a very good scapegoat to wish away the disaster in their imploding party.

  • Reason Wafawarova writes in his personal capacity.

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