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Gvt salary negotiations broke down

GOVERNMENT salary talks broke down last week, with teachers saying they will boycott classes when schools reopen for examination classes next week as a result.

The Apex Council, an umbrella body for all government employees, confirmed the development yesterday as teachers’ unions said they would officially declare their planned strike action today.

“We had a breakdown last time and we couldn’t agree and there was no talk of how, when and what with the government,” Apex Council spokesperson David Dzatsunga said.

“It was just a case of taking your jacket and leaving with no agreement and that’s where we are,” he said.

Dzatsunga said the Apex Council would this week meet to map the way forward, adding that he had not yet been briefed on the position taken by teachers.

“We are not yet briefed on that and maybe we will hear their position in our meeting sometime this week. What we know is we had a meeting (with the government) that broke down, but obviously we will have to hear what they will have to say,” he said.

Public Service minister Paul Mavima confirmed the standoff, but said there was room for further negotiations.

“They failed to reach an agreement last week. However, that should not close the door for negotiations. I am going to kickstart those negotiations again this week,” he said.

Source — NewsDay

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